He lives

He lives.

Across the endless expanse of the cosmos,

beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Past the furthest star in the heavens,

within the smile of every child’s face.

He lives.

Before the first molecule was ever formed;

and rising in triumph on the Third Day.

Giving hope and love and life itself;

yet not one atom exists without His say.

He lives.

To glorify our loving Father

through everything we say and do.

And comfort rests in each man’s breast

knowing His sustaining word is just and fair and true.

He lives!

7 thoughts on “He lives

  1. I am so grateful that he lives. So grateful that despite me being me, he yet loves me. He holds in to me. He knew me before the foundation of the world. He took time to shadow and mold me in my mothers womb, counting every hair. As I began life, he began a work in me to be who he wanted me to be. I am grateful for the father, loving me unconditionally. So glad he lives…I thank God for his sacrifice, and Jesus most of all for his. Great post.

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