The lonely night calls out

but none can hear her cries.

Try as she might, her doubts

turn all her truths to lies.

See beyond the purple cliffs,

we respond with fitful fits

flitting like bees to nest.

She belongs where she admits

she sang her song, and myth acquits,

committing peace to rest…

5 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. Nice poem. I especially enjoyed the line “myth acquits, | committing peace to rest”. Have you ever checked out the Poetry forum on Goodreads? There’s some good stuff on there too and people critique each other’s work sometimes.

  2. I feel you have recently broke with another, I know your pain intimately. You deliver beautiful pieces of poetry, it is eloquent yet filled with angst. I implore you to keep on writing poetry, as you are so very gifted,, This was the first of many of your poems, that I had the pleasure of reading today, I applaud you with a full standing O!

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