It does not ever go away.

My heart aches for the Reid family. Garrett Reid, son of Eagles coach Andy Reid,¬†was found dead Sunday morning in his room at the club’s training camp at Lehigh University. He was 29…

Since the news broke, comments have poured in saying the former small-time drug dealer got what he deserved. Those who live by drugs should die by drugs, et cetera.

I don’t care.

Like millions of Americans, Garrett got mixed up in drugs. While it’s easy to smugly be holier-than-thou, nearly everyone knows someone who has a drug problem. Yes, chances are if he were Black, he’d have been locked up a while ago. This post isn’t about the evils of drugs or the inequality of American society.

It’s about the sorrow parents go through when one of their children dies. My daughter died nearly a year ago, and no, drugs were not involved. But I know the searing pain Andy and Tammy Reid are suffering now. I still feel it. It does not ever go away.

My prayers go out to the Reid family on this, their darkest hour.