What’s next?

Please brace yourself for a shock: Lawyers for James Holmes are now saying the 24-year-old charged in last month’s deadly Aurora, Colo., theater shooting, is mentally ill.

In other I-can’t-believe-it news: Wade Michael Page, who shot himself in the head after killing six people at a Sikh temple outside Milwaukee, was a frustrated neo-Nazi who participated in the white-power music scene.

So why is the Fox News/Conservative Christian/Right-Wing Republican Party Machine going crazy all of a sudden? Because news services have reported that Page, unlike Holmes, was once in the military. By simply including that fact in his bio, the “lamestream media” has once again showed their utter hatred for all things American.

Look, Page got kicked out of the military because he was a drunken loser. This in no way reflects poorly on our military. Page was a drunken loser his entire miserable life. Period.

I haven’t heard anyone try to make the case that this evil person did what he did because he was once in the military. So, all you Right-Wingers, can we stop sniping just long enough to give the Sikh temple victims a moment of silence?